Strongman Competition Prep

The optimized Nutrition protocol for the individual athlete.

To be the BEST strongman or woman in the competition field, requires proficiency in a variety of events all with different energetic demands. Nutrition is key to ensure all energy systems are utilized to the highest level. Working together in OFF season we can develop specific nutrient timings for certain events and competitions. I work closely with each athlete to maximize what they can physically consume, digest, and enjoy. Ensuring you have adequate energy availability to perform the session and to recover from it efficiently – you are only as strong as your recovery.

Program includes...

  • Full off season nutritional programming.
  • Specific Nutrient timing including supplementation protocols.
  • Making weight to adhere to weight classes SAFELY and effectively, whilst maintaining maximum strength.
  • Individualized “Game Day” protocols broken down into allotted times for specific events, including foods, hydration and supplements; so the athlete focuses on the job at hand and nothing more.
  • RECOVERY post game day protocol.
  • Communication is key – there is NO TIME cut off for the competitive athlete – worldwide.

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