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Contest Bodybuilding & Powerlifting Prep

For the stage or platform competitor, you will not find a more in depth, monitored & individualised approach to prep coaching than you will at Titan Coaching.

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Online Coaching

  • Results driven programs

  • Adapted to your goals

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Full support provided

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Sports Performance Nutrition

Training hard AF and yet not FEELING like a true performance athlete? From Powerlifting to CrossFit, swimming to rock climbing – our Sports performance nutritionist can assess your schedule and implement the best performance nutrition protocol designed for your given sport.


On The Go!

Workout anywhere, anytime​.

We can provide you with the support 24/7 in order to make things run smoothly.



I'm Vicky, a mum of two, a registered general nurse, a natural professional bodybuilding champion and a physique coach with a passion for healthy nutrition and teaching lifestyle changes. Throughout my life I have been through near enough EVERYTHING with my body, including anorexia, being overweight, being pregnant, bodybuilding, back to being severely underweight and finally settling on a lean, muscular physique with a healthy relationship with food. I went through restrictive dieting, where I felt guilty over near enough everything I consumed. I had a 2 year experience with "clean eating", again consumed with guilt over having a banana off plan! Low carb, high fat, high protein, low everything else, my body was a mess! Through learning, researching and finding a coach to really help me out of the mess I was in, I am now in an amazing place with my body, mindset and attitude towards my daily life. This is what I want to give to you as well. A flexible approach to nutrition which is all scientifically backed and proven. 

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"What can I say? Amazing Friend and an Extremely Knowledgeable coach!"

Jack Stanyer